SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

SAP planning, budgeting and consolidation solutions for the SAP product line.


  • Automation of planning, budgeting, forecasting and calculation processes in the financial reporting system according to national standards and IFRS.
  • Simplification of preparation of external and internal corporate management reporting of the company, which reduces the duration of budget cycles and the timing of financial closure.
  • Consolidation of reporting – all subsidiaries and affiliates will be able to enter the necessary data into the system themselves, which means that you will quickly receive the necessary figures, analyze data and make timely and correct management decisions.


Those whose planning process is complex and complicated by many factors, such as:

  • “Manual” planning. Budget planning in MS Excel is a complex and time-consuming process: the product is not adapted to the simultaneous operation of many users, requires manual input, which significantly increases the risk of errors caused by the human factor.
  • Opaque processes. If the company’s branches do not understand what data the parent organization needs, and the reports are compiled in various forms, the collection of the necessary data is delayed, and errors occur in the reports.

SAP BPC allows you to neutralize such situations.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation - solves the main tasks of the finance department:

The system uses convenient algorithms to create reasonable and transparent budgets. In addition, SAP BPC aggregates all data and you can use it for scheduling at any time.
Strategic planning and budgeting.
The system allows to involve in this process all employees who together and in full will be able to use the necessary data. Working together also greatly simplifies the negotiation process.

ADVANTAGES OF SAP Business Planning And Consolidation

The only tool to automate planning, budgeting, and consolidation reporting on the SAP platform

Ability to work on the SAP HANA technology platform: in-memory technologies provide maximum power and speed when performing critical calculations

Clear interface. Work with the system from the usual MS Excel system, using the add-in EPM Add-in

Easy report setup. Generate reports without programming tools and involve the IT department. Ready business rules for efficient adjustment of calculations

The basic data model allows you to consolidate reporting in different hierarchies, in different currencies, in terms of additional analysis criteria

Cloud availability: powerful SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud features help reduce costs and accelerate SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

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